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When you begin searching for the perfect bridesmaid gifts, you will undoubtedly want to find pieces that are beautiful, thoughtful, and affordable. It is especially nice if your bridesmaids will be able to enjoy the presents that you give them for your wedding. This is what makes custom bridesmaid jewelry such a fantastic gift for your attendants.

Jewelry has long been one of the favorite ideas for bridesmaid gifts. And why not; it is pretty, sentimental, and special enough to fit the occasion. Your bridesmaids are sure to appreciate whatever type of jewelry you pick for them, but it is nice when you can find a way to make the gifts even more unique and thoughtful. Having pieces of jewelry handcrafted that coordinate with the bridesmaid dresses is a great way to go that extra step to show how much you really care.

One of the prettiest styles for bridesmaids is the tin cup necklace. This light and airy necklace is created from floating pearls linked by a delicate strand of chain. The pearls are carefully spaced to appear as though they are floating around the neck of the young lady wearing the necklace, which is a very feminine effect. Another nice thing about tin cup necklaces is that they can be created with crystals instead of the traditional pearls for a little extra sparkle.

To customize a tin cup necklace for your bridesmaid gifts, there are a few choices you will get to make. First of all, there is the type of floating pearl. The most classic is a lovely round white pearl in a 6 or 8mm size. These pearl bridesmaid jewelry sets are perfect for almost any style of wedding, from beachy to conservative. You can add a bit more drama by opting for larger pearls on the necklace.

Color is another way that you can personalize your bridesmaid gifts. Swarovski pearls are extremely popular for bridesmaid jewelry gifts because they are available in such a beautiful array of colors. In addition, you will find them to be very friendly to your budget. Choose a hue that matches the bridesmaid dresses, or go for a classic elegance such as black or grey pearls for an evening wedding. Another inspiration for your color choice can be seasonal. A warm bronze tone is rich for an autumn wedding, whereas a light pastel colored floating pearl necklace would be charming for a spring event.

If you love sparkle, then order your bridesmaid jewelry sets custom made with dazzling Swarovksi crystals rather than pearls. A tin cup necklace created from crystals gives you the best of both worlds: the light and feminine effect of a floating gem necklace with the glitz and glamor of the crystal. For casual weddings or junior bridesmaids, select small crystals; for more drama and flair, have fun picking out large crystals in bold colors.

Don't forget that you can have the lengths specially made to suit each one of your bridesmaids. Most tin cup necklaces come in a standard 16 inch length, but for women who are taller, a longer length such as 18 inches might be more attractive. The same is true for the matching floating pearl bracelets; if you work with a jeweler who offers personalization, you will be able to get the perfect fit on your bridesmaid bracelets as well. Round out the sets with a matching pair of earrings, and you will have bridesmaid jewelry gifts that your friends will be delighted to receive.

Customized bridesmaid jewelry makes a fantastic gift. It can be easy to design, affordable to order, and will make a thoughtful gift that your bridesmaids will truly appreciate. The best part of all is that your friends will be able to enjoy the bridesmaid jewelry you give them for many years after the wedding.

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Custom Bridesmaid Jewelry

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